Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Glimmer of Hope: Wall Street Shit Canned

Fannie Mae: From $.20 to $6 and down again...

The latest trend is Wall Street firms looking to profit from the carcasses of 2008...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This is All Just a Confidence Game Now

"Since I have come into office, there’s almost no economic metric by which you couldn’t say that the US economy is better" 
- President Obama, Aug. 2nd, 2014

Only the most important "metric" of all isn't better aka. Full Time Jobs
(scroll down and select full time jobs, click "retrieve data" at bottom)
The psychopaths created a lot of jobs, they just all happen to be in China

The role of the Manchurian Candidate is to con dunces and ditto heads into believing that the "liberal agenda" is working, while billionaires and frat boys continue the estate sale.

A Colossal Waste of Time and Money

This is what a generation of Fauxtards sold their souls and their grandchildren for...I hope it was "worth" it. But we already know it wasn't. As of August, the Dow was 3.7% higher than in 2000 and all it cost was:

A doubling in national debt ($100k per household)
The lowest employment ratio in 30 years
$4 trillion in printed money aka. food and energy inflation

Inflation adjusted Dow:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Profit from the Ebola Epidemic

Tekmira Pharmaceutical shares jumped 27% after-hours on first confirmed Ebola case in the U.S.

If one case of Ebola is worth 27%, we'll be rich if everyone gets it !!!
(Read the prospectus carefully before considering an investment in Ebola stocks)

HALO Crash Revisited

A HALO Crash is a collapse from all time highs. It's never happened before, because until now, the pre-conditions necessary for a HALO crash never existed before i.e. an entire society with its head permanently installed in its own ass, while everything falls apart in real-time:

Printing Money to Buy Stocks

The Dumbest Fucking Idea in Human History
The remaining money printing schedule was just released: $10 billion in October
Printing money to buy stocks is 99.78% over, relative to the size of Fed balance sheet.
S&P 500 w/Fed Balance sheet (blue line) and options volatility (VIX) aka. "Fear Gauge":

Fool me three times. Shame on me
For those who believed the psychopaths all over again, the cost of being wrong will be measured in dog food.

Canaries Meet Coalmine

Silver (ETF)

The Refugee State

Dead End for "Rational Self-Indulgence" aka. "Fuck you Jack, I'm Ok"

The common denominator right now between libertarians, limousine liberals, billionaires, boy-men and all consumption drones in between: They only give a fuck about themselves.

They're all the same in the end: 12 year-olds carrying a pig's head on a stick. 

Time to flush this shit show down the toilet for good. It was an "interesting" experiment. 

Someone had to try it. I suppose.

The God Complex: Ponzi Collapse the Only Option

Half of All Wildlife Destroyed in 40 Years

From 1970 to 2010, half of the world's wildlife vanished.
Species that had adapted for millions of years, decimated by the Globalized Ponzi Scheme. 76% of freshwater acquatic animals gone.

Remember: Bill Gates says that:
"By almost any measure the world is better than it's ever been". 
It just won't be here in another 20 years Billy. That's all. 

Time to stop playing God. Or this species will be the next one forklifted out of here

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ponzi Fascism: End Game for Globalization

By the end, the wealthiest "citizens" - owning 90% of the country's assets - had taken their obscene profits and moved them to offshore bank accounts, fearing a populist uprising...

1929 Redux: A Great Year for Buying Stocks

U.S. Wealth Inequality Exceeds Ancient Rome, On Par with U.S. inequality circa 1929:

The Lies and Looting Continue...

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Profit From Global Meltdown

In the Fed's new Idioconomy, everyone quits their McJob and daytrades stocks full time:

Keep those trailing stops tight though, in case riots break out overnight, say in Hong Kong or everywhere else...

The Skynet Illusion: Don't Blink

Too late. No group exit from the Hotel Californication.

The God Complex: 100x Hiroshima Can Destroy the Planet

Our fate is in the hands of megalomaniacal psychopaths

A nuclear winter could result from roughly 100 small scale nuclear bombs
Today's thermonuclear hydrogen bombs are a thousand times more powerful than the fission bombs dropped on Hiroshima.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who Will Save Humanity From Its Own God Complex?

On the eighth day, Man Created God In His Own Image
Because man wanted his own set of rules
Man was above God's arbitrary rules of reality and nature. And con men realized early on that people, above all, crave certainty and anyone who can provide that certainty, regardless of how specious, in return obtains power. Therefore all manner of cults and religions sprung forth premised upon every ludicrous idea imaginable, in the historical land grab for followers, that has continued to this day.

Fast forward a few thousand years and mankind's escape from reality is hitting a brick wall. We are told that the "world has always been a messy place". Well, that may well be true, but we know for certain that the world has never in its history experienced 16,300 nuclear weapons alongside global anarchy.

Something should only be saved, if it's worth saving and is not otherwise prone to desecration...

This is the Self-Burial Phase

Wall Street's Last Party

The Kool-Aid Has Been Imbibed With Gusto
This was supposed to be the wake up call, but since 2008 was ignored, it has now turned into a burial service. 

The past six years gave people a chance to dig their hole deeper, so they did...

This Week in Anarchy: Coming Unglued @Peak Dow Prozac

"This is a gov’t by the people, for the people and of the people which right now equates to immoral and unethical acts. That’s why terrorists and 3rd world nations hate us, because our tax dollars go to more unrest than rest. So we deserve the retribution from people who do not have the same ability for education, work and way of life,”
[Rant by the guy who just set O'Hare airport on fire]

Mainlining Fed heroin while everything falls to shit in real-time, is economic euthanasia:

Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Tyranny of the Masses" aka. Democracy.

The Elites' Greatest Fear

Ever wonder why banking systems and Etrading systems are online, but voting systems are still in the Stone Age? Is it because aging Fauxtards value their vote more than their money? Of course not, they value money above life itself.

It's because when the vote goes online it will bring young people into democracy. Technology will level the playing field between young people and Fauxtards who have all day to make it to the voting booth. 

As it is now, the entire issue of "electoral fraud" is merely code word for protecting the hegemony of geriatrics at the ballot box. It's their number one fear. 

When voting systems go online, the RomneyBots and the people who vote for them will be obliterated. In the meantime, true democracy will be a fictional delusion. 

How to Get Away With Murder

Kill one person, it's murder

Kill a few more, it's mass murder

Kill a few dozen, it's a "terrorist incident". This is the "grey area". It may become a CNN special presentation or it may just be quickly forgotten, depends entirely upon who is affected. If it's in Africa, it won't be more than a footnote.

Kill hundreds or thousands, it's "legitimate war" - women and children become mere statistics. Holy men pray for victory. Medals and speeches all around. Movie rights. And best of all, the victor writes the history.

The bottom line is that you only get away with murder, if you kill enough people. 

We're a very efficient species. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Who Wants to Be The Illusion?

I see the trolls in my back history. 

Forty million children died globally, four million U.S. full time jobs were outsourced, Euro Area youth unemployment grew 60%, and the global Ponzi scheme grew 40%, all while trolls were seeking advice on the next Chinese internet stock. That's the back history. 

I'm not wrong. I'm just not part of the illusion. Anymore.

2008 Was The Revelation

"We'll always be wealthy, they'll always be poor. That's life."

The wake up call and ensuing five year interval was a gift. One last chance to acknowledge the inherent immorality and unsustainability of Ponzi Capitalism. The new Sodom and Gomorrah took full advantage of the time, by tightening the noose around their necks...

Don't Panic: Maintain the Illusion. Be the Illusion

The Dow versus 
All Commodities, Gold, Russian Stocks, Canadian Dollar (aka. "Deflation")

The Most Expensive Stock Market Ever: Priced for Obliteration

The only thing dumber than printing money to buy stocks, is borrowing money to buy stocks.

A mere five years after the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, and investors are more highly leveraged than they've ever been in human history. This is what happens when Central Banks bailout the greediest people on the planet - they become even more greedy.

Moral Hazard Visualized:
Net Leverage: All time high as of the end of August
Net leverage consists of margin debt minus available balances and is reported monthly by the NSYE. i.e. column 1 - (column 2 + column 3). ZH calls it "investor net worth", (but calculates it as available balances less margin debt, so it's negative). Either way it's at an historical extreme.

Retirement Disaster: The High Cost of Wall Street's Gambling

The Federal Reserve shafted taxpayers with the bailout and then shafted them again with 0% interest rates

Despite an artificially levitated stock market at all time highs, most small investors wisely left the casino a long time ago. Two gut wrenching 55% declines in the span of five years convinced people - rightly so, that the stock market is rigged in favour of Wall Street and corporate insiders.

Unfortunately, one of the main outcomes of 2008 was 0% interest rates for savers, putting shellacked small retirement investors further behind the eight ball...

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This is the Age of Arrogance

[To paraphrase]

Amanpour: "It seems like things are getting worse"
Gates: "I know, if you read the news, things ARE getting worse, but poor countries now make $.25 per day more than they did a few decades ago, so that proves things are getting better..."

The Arrogance is flowing like a river. We are immersed in it. It defines every policy.

"We're different. We're better. They can eat our left-overs for the next forever." 

The fatal assumption.

Moral Collapse Precedes Economic Collapse

This decayed society can't see that moral collapse is complete

The seed corn is now being eaten - the final stage of economic collapse.
The various "policy choices" made by today's thought dealers, under the auspice of specious academic theories, tell an unambiguous story of moral collapse and all-out desperation.
We're waiting for something that already happened...

The Days of the Multinational Job Killing Machine Are Ending

‘There’s no such thing as corporate citizenship’ (MW, Sept. 24, 2014)
You don't say. 
The Chamber of Commerce is outraged at the new rules limiting corporate tax inversions. Basically, having plundered the U.S. economy of jobs, now these "non-citizen" multinational corporations want to change their headquarters so they can disgorge their cash hoards to offshore bank accounts at the lowest possible tax rate.

Of course, if the RomneyBots were not paying a mere 14% tax on their millions, then the corporate tax rate could come down. The Bush personal tax cut for the ultra-wealthy came at the "expense" of a lower corporate tax rate. That said, as we see below, after tax corporate profits are soaring well above GDP growth, so this entire argument is specious.

The Truth is Always Hiding Up the Ass of the Idiocracy:
After Tax Profits versus GDP: Only a total fucking psychopath would argue that the corporate tax rate is too high. And look at what happened to profits when GWB was elected and after 9/11. Profits had been tracking GDP for decades, and then...

Shock Doctrine Visualized:

Buying in one locale and selling in another, is arbitrage and it always converges prices aka. wages. 

Multinational corporations should be encouraged to "leave" and then never allowed to sell back into the U.S. again. That's where this is all heading anyway whether the psychopaths realize it or not. This has all been an "interesting" experiment in "Fuck you Jack, I'm Ok" Ponzinomics.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Call of Blunder: The Mass Murder Reality Game Show

Spread "Freedom Inc." by bombing foreign countries into the Stone Age
A Milton Bradley production
Season 12: "Call of Blunder: Syria"
You the audience choose which foreigners to bomb next. 
Then, make up a justification to share with friends at work.

"It's your turn to roll"

Dumbest headline of the day:
"Syria warns U.S. not to repeat American fiasco in Iraq"


Wall Street's Biggest Pump and Dump

Wall Street: +$9   billion profit. 
ETraders:    -$1.7 billion loss(so far)

Wall Street made a $9 billion profit to hold Alibaba stock for 3 days (pre-IPO)
Insiders: $Priceless: