Sunday, August 31, 2014

2008 Was The Revelation

"We'll always be wealthy, they'll always be poor. That's life."

The wake up call and ensuing five year interval was a gift. One last chance to acknowledge the inherent immorality and unsustainability of Ponzi Capitalism. Totally wasted on the new Sodom and Gomorrah...

Feeling Lucky?

Large cap U.S. stocks? 
Canadian Stocks?
New Zealand Stocks?
(The Japanese Nikkei topped 24 years ago of course.  Jan 2014 in this cycle)

The year/quarter each market peaked:

Kind of puts this into perspective:

And this...number of new 52 week highs (there are 3200 total issues on the NYSE):


The Inconvenient Truth: Rome is Burning

When the lies are far more important than the truth, then the vector is straight down
The sitting President of the United States is never allowed to speak the truth. It's off limits. His mission is to maintain the illusion of empire at all costs. Is there any surprise then that the past forty years has seen various combinations of 'B' actors, draft dodgers, coke addicts, empty shirts and philanderers as President? George Bush Senior was the most qualified president in 35 years and he was unceremoniously dumped after one term for trying to balance the budget (and trade deficit). The Neocons hated him - he labeled their beloved Supply Side Ponzinomics, "Voodoo Economics". And the real problem was never his son George W. Bush, after all, every village has its idiot, it was the 50 million people who elected him twice, even after it was well documented that the reasons for invading Iraq were totally fabricated...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dumbfuckistan News: Islamic State Sneaking Across as Mexicans

If someone is trying to clean your house or mow your lawn make sure they speak Spanish and are not carrying an RPG...

Addicted to Gambling with Cheap Money

Why the masses can never acknowledge a bubble before it collapses (i.e. because they are the fucking bubble)...

(Desperate) Saudi potentate warns of terrorist threat from Islamic State

"And then, the wealthiest regional governor requested assistance defending the empire's energy sources, from barbarians"

- King Abdullah

“It is unconscionable to let the country become an American colony with American soldiers for no reason other than protecting your throne and protecting oil sources for their own use. These infidel Crusaders must not be allowed to remain in the Holy Land. You have brought to our people the two worst calamities, blasphemy and poverty.”
[Osama Bin Laden, open letter to King Fahd, 1995]

If I'm not mistaken, a lot of these jihadis came from Europe in the first place. Therefore I am certain that before they attack Europe or the U.S., they will reach Saudi Arabia and make good on Bin Laden's original goal.

Q: What came first, low prices at Walmart or "free" money?

A: An Alzheimer's-ridden chimp acting as President, and the morons who elected him...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Labor Day, Disposable Widgets

This week, my wife and I were debating which major our middle son should pursue at University - now in his first year. Of course, neither one of us considered Information Technology, my field for 25 years. Why would we when it's been 15 years of relentless outsourcing and non-stop concern as to whether or not I will have a job a year from now. Then tonight I read this bullshit article stating that "the skills gap is real" i.e that there is a dearth of well-trained technical employees in the U.S. Let's see, back in the late 1990s, we were told that the IT boom was going to last decades. It turned out that months are now the new decade. All of the entry level and now advanced jobs that would have been in the U.S. are now in India. But don't expect any PhD academic, country club frat boy, or any other self-absorbed tool to get it. They get to find out the hard way. 

Having witnessed the 30+ year ascendancy of the morally void Ayn Rand Angel Heart Society, we are now witnessing in real time, its vicious unwinding. The demise of Dumbfuckistan...

No Country for Old Men

The common theme across all of today's global issues, is that the inconvenient truth is only accessible to those who actually want to find it. Sadly, the comfort-seeking majority are running flat out in the exact opposite direction of reality.

Once an enemy loses fear (and respect), a war is already over, before it's begun...

The Skynet Illusion: Don't Blink

Too late. The money already left the casino. The only thing left is the illusion.
ETraders still haven't learned never to gamble against psychopaths

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Deflationary Collapse is Unavoidable

Non-stop bullshit and diversions aside, events of the past several years have greatly simplified the monetary event sequence...

The Invincibility Complex: An Archaeological Experiment

A self-propagating over-confidence bubble
Born of entitlement, delusion, laziness, greed and stupidity. Spiked with mega doses of Fed dopium and laced with whatever other hallucinogenic drugs can be bought over the internet.

The Soylent Idiocracy: "Do Not Disturb"
Any and all risk can and must be ignored to maintain mental stability and conserve ammunition. Plausible deniability is the opiate of the deeply stoned masses. 

"Life, liberty, and the freedom to choose your own euthanasia" 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Stocks Have Reached a Permanently High Plateau" - Irving Fisher, 1929

Linear Extrapolation of the Impossible:
i.e. this entire era and the dumbfucks who've bought into it. 
1929 all over again. 

"The New Permanent Plateau"
Canadian Pacific Railway

Founded: 1881
P/E: 42 
2.5 year gain: 300%

The Last Temptation of Wall Street

Bernie Madoff was a piker, dinking around with mere billions. The real Bernie Madoffs are still running around on Wall Street, inflating the Globalized Ponzi Scheme with trillions, putting us all at systemic risk

The Standard Lies and Morally Void ASSumptions

U.S. GDP will "grow" 1.5% this year by borrowing 3% of GDP. The Federal budget has to grow by 12% to offset the current deficit.

You can't make this shit up...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Skynet Pump and Dump: Primed for Implosion

"For those who fear 'the big one', for those who understand market liquidity, for those who got a glimpse of what happens when large crowds meet small doors in the high-yield credit market, today's "broken" market was a cold hard lesson"
BTFATH over and over again on miniscule volume, money printing, record margin debt, and HFT momentum-ignition, and then drop the entire contrivance from high altitude to see what happens:

Today's SPY (S&P ETF) hourly volume was lower than Christmas Eve, which was a half day of trading:
Dec. 24th, 2013: 45,368,800 [3.5 hours]
Aug. 26th, 2014: 47,257,300 [6.5 hours]
On an hourly basis, it was the lowest volume since April 2007

Countdown to "Recovery". Please maintain safe distance.

Above all, avoid assimilation. Belief in psychopaths is rampant.


[No, this never gets old]

Generation Liquidation: The Rush Limbaugh Generation

The Baby Boomers are the most hedonistic and nihilistic generation in modern history. No generation had more and inherited more than they did, and then left things far worse off for future generations. History will not be kind to the Hippy/Born Again/Yuppy/Neocon freaks...

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Boy Who Cried Meltdown

"The problem with bubbles is that they force you to look like an idiot before the peak or a bankrupt idiot after the peak". A serious dilemma all around.

The S&P 500 Hit 2000 today and closed at 1998. 666 x 3 = 1998. Among other things, 666 was the low from 2009, where Etraders swore "We won't get fooled again !". 

Yes they did...

Reality Check: Europe

The Euro is tanking, now at a one year low...

Graveyard of Empires

The Middle East has descended into a clusterfuck that defies all description. So here are some of the most ludicrous facts gleaned recently regarding the current "situation"...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Breaking Bad: A Tale of Drug Addiction

I work on a corporate assembly line making disposable widgets... 

Extend and Pretend: An Elevator Ride into the Abyss

The Idiocracy sold its soul (and everything else) for a few more years of debt-fueled mass consumption, but then conveniently forgot their end of the bargain. 
Angel Heart is the story of a "detective" hired by "Louis Cypher" to help track down a serial murderer. In reality, the detective himself is the murderer, but he had conveniently assumed an alias and given himself amnesia so he could escape his end of the "bargain" he had made with Lucifer. In the end of course, despite the various futile attempts to hide, Harry Angel is confronted by the truth and promptly takes an elevator ride into the abyss.

Generation Liquidation: "You didn't build this"
Between 2000 and 2012, 17 factories closed every day in the U.S.
Today's masses have conveniently developed amnesia as to what they've sold in order to put the reality check of 2008 behind them i.e. everything. The Idiocracy sold its soul and its childrens' future to enjoy a few more years of Third World exploitation and shopping sprees, instead of confronting reality as to the total unsustainability and scalability of the Globalized ponzi scheme. They also knew that this asinine gambit would open the floodgates for Third World poverty to flow straight back to the developed world via a cascading wave of bankrutpcies and empty factories. Therefore, the end result of Extend and Pretend will be a prompt elevator ride back down to reality, this time with far fewer assets and less solvency than they had in 2008. 

How to Become Third World (as quickly as possible)
If the goal of this entire disaster was to outsource the jobs and factories inevitably leading to wages collapsed down to Third World levels, all for Wall Street's sacred profits, then it would have made more sense just to collapse the wages and keep the jobs and factories. As usual, the Idiocracy chose the most dumbfucked of all "options". In Econo-dunce terms, it was pareto inefficient from a U.S. standpoint, albeit highly efficient from a Chinese standpoint.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Third World Deflation is Tanking the Pseudo-Economy

Jobless "consumers" can't maintain a developed world standard of living while competing against Third World wages. The overriding theme of the past three decades.

Therefore once again, Fed Dopium dealers are cutting liquidity to their asset bubble, while the economy is still outsourced to China

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Peter Pan Society: Never Grows Up

"Nobody told me..."

"That Wall Street can't be trusted"
"Nothing changed since 2008"
"The stock market is a rigged casino"
"HFT flash crashes every single day"
"My broker gets kickbacks for HFT frontrunning my account"
"Printing money to buy stocks is a bad idea"
"We can't borrow our way out of a debt crisis"
"We shouldn't have outsourced the economy to China"
"Game show hosts are not real leaders"
"Faux News is not real news and the truth is not 'liberal'"
"The same people who caused the last crisis should not still be in charge"
"Debt is 'bad'"
"I shouldn't trust my investment advisor - the one who lost my money the last time"
"I shouldn't have my head installed in my own ass"

"Nobody told me!"

The JackHole Dope Dealer Summit

"BYOB": Bring your own bong (dopium is *free*)

BTFATH - Buy The Fucking All Time High (Again...and Again)

A $40 trillion increase in global debt since 2007 still hasn't borrowed the economy back from China, nor fixed the debt problem. This has to be the worst pseudo-recovery ever...

"It Can't Happen to Me". The Faustian Assumption

I'm not going to eat dog food just because a bunch of entitled dumbfucks can't do third grade math and otherwise face life without shopping sprees.

My motivation for blogging in a nutshell - aversion to dog food, and because I never assumed it couldn't be me at the bottom of this shit pile.

There, but for the grace of God go I. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Globalization Collapsing. In Real Time's a secret: DEFLATION.
Russian stocks
Canadian dollar
Peaked in 2007. Peaked again in 2011. 
All the world's buffoons and $150 trillion in global debt couldn't put Humpty Dumpty together again


The High Cost of Mega Lies and Psychopaths: $Everything

Prozac use up 400% in 10 years: Papering over the cracks in the facade.